Links: Internet Resources

Important RFCs

Protocol Standards (2400)
IP (791)
ICMP (792)
ARP (826)
TCP (793)
UDP (768)
PPP (1661)
PPP-HDLC (1662)
PATH MTU (1191)

Telnet (854)
Telnet Options (855)
FTP (959)
SMTP (821)
Mail (822)
DNS (1035)
DNS Concepts (1034)
SNMP (1157)
HTTP 1.0 (1945)
HTTP 1.1 (2068)
HTTP 1.1 (2616)
HTTP Cookies

Assigned Ports
Assigned Numbers (1700)
overview (766)

Historical RFCs

IP (DoD 760)
TCP (DoD 761)

Address Allocation

IP Index: Class A Networks
IP Index: Class B Networks
IP Index: Class C Networks

Other Resources

Henning Schulzrinne's Internet Technical Resources (hgs)
TCP/IP Ports
Overview of xbind

Next Generation Internet

NGI (Next Generation Internet)
Internet 2


Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet: History of the Internet
Paul Baran 1964
Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive Internet history
Len Kleinrock: The Birth of the Internet
How the Internet Came to Be
The PGPi scanning project


Welcome to the CIX Association
Internet Weather Report
Internet Technical Resources: Traffic
Quality of Service: Delivering QoS in the Internet and the Corporate Network
ISO Country Codes
Web Interface to Whois
FAQ: Firewalls: What am I seeing?
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 2.0
Russ Haynal's ISP Page
CyberAtlas: Internet Statistics and Market Research for Web Marketers

Bad Practice

Worldprofit Traffic Booster Value Packages

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